A well planned disaster recovery solution is essential to your business continuity when an IT disaster strikes.

Is your business protected in case of an IT disaster? Can your business IT environment survive if something really bad happens? Our business analyst can help you assess the best disaster recovery strategy for your IT infrastructure. We look at your existing setup, talk to you about how vital your data is, and how quickly you’d like to recover in the event of a disaster. From there we can provide recommendations to prepare for when disaster strikes. Having a solid IT disaster recovery strategy is an essential part of any modern business.

Traditional data backups are great for having a copy of your data – but how long will it take to recover your business system with only a copy of your data? A true disaster recovery system will allow you to recover your data and your entire system state. Your system state, being your computer or server configuration may have taken many hours and dollars to setup. It is important to be able to recover the configuration of your system in the event of a disaster to avoid having to pay for a complete reinstallation of your system and reduce the time to restore your system.

Offsite storage of backups is an important consideration in a disaster recovery solution to be able to cover yourself for events such as fire or theft.

A disaster recovery solution is a form of backup that allows to you quickly and accurately recover from a disaster event such a:

Server hardware failure

Accidental deletion of data

System corruption

Theft or fire


Central Tech recommends that business critical systems are backed up using image based software such as ShadowProtect, Symantec System recovery or Acronis. This type of backup can take a snap shot of the systems and allow for rapid recovery.

Disaster recovery planning should be included in any successful business plan.