Microsoft’s cloud solution, Office 365 incorporates business class email, instant messaging and the office suite. Access to your email and data from all your devices.

Providing an alternative to an on premise Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365 offer a hosted Microsoft Exchange called Online Exchange. Online Exchange removes the need to purchase, manage and maintain your own email server. All your emails are stored in the cloud, accessible from all your devices.

Office suite

Office 365 gives you the Office suite. No more expensive upgrades to new versions of Microsoft Office each time a new versions is brought out. Office 365 gives you continuous access to the latest versions of MS Office for all your devices. You can install Microsoft Office on your desktop, laptop and mobile phone and tablet.

Our Office 365 consultants can advise the best Office 365 plan for your business, Office 365 installation services and Office 365 support: Central Tech is the leader for Office 365 projects, from simple Office 365 Business installations, to more complex enterprise installations and even Hybrid installations utilising on premise MS Exchange 2013 together with Office 365 we have the experience and expertise to transition your business to Office 365. Contact Central Tech to discuss the setup and support of Microsoft Office 365 for your business.
Central Tech is a Telstra T-suite partner, and Office 365 partner. We can help you choose the right Office 365 product for your business, migrate your emails and data over to Office 365. We install the latest version of the Microsoft Office suit and setup Office 365 across all your devices. We can then provide ongoing management and Office 365 support.
An Office 365 migration typically includes bringing over your existing emails to Office 365, and making Office 365 your primary email system. Using Microsoft best practices and techniques we have developed in house, our Office 365 Migration Services ensures that your business experiences minimal disruption and down time during the migration to Office 365.
Online Exchange is the core of the Office 365 product. Giving you a hosted email services based on Microsoft exchange, your emails, contacts and calendars will be backed up to the cloud and synced across all your devices. Online Exchange will synchronise to your desktop, laptop, phone and tablet.
Microsoft Lync is instant messaging (chat) within your organisation. You can also share files, your screen or video conference. Lync as part of the Office 365 family is a great way to communicate with your team from your desktop, laptop or mobile device.


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